Feeling Through Life’s Choices With Stride

Feeling Through Life’s Choices

Feeling your way through life’s choices?  It is not talking about being blind, I am talking about using your emotions to guide your day.  

Feel Your Way Through

One way to do that is to proceed with some tasks slowly and carefully, typically by trial and error.  In other words, using your intuition not your expert knowledge.

Have you heard the saying? “I’m new, just feeling my way through it”?  If you haven’t I might seem surprised.   It can be commonly heard when one is explaining why they are having difficulty.

Feel With Stride In Each Choice

Creating your choices that make it easier for you. Staying positive in your stride is another way to feel your way through.  You never know where obstacles are going to be.   It can be like walking around with the lights off, we stumble even though we think we know where things are.   Hence, things pop out of nowhere and without warning to throw off your stride.  

Just as you have a desk full of pens and paper, a kitchen full of utensils, and a shed full of tools, these are all used for obstacles. Some can be obvious, and others are sneaky and bite us in the butt. 

We should set out our days full of hope and joy, yet don’t be surprised by that crack in the sidewalk, the spill in the kitchen, that weed in the flower bed that you had no idea how it got there, because it wasn’t there yesterday. And, the gas tank that just beeped at you because it is empty.

The Art of Feeling Your Way

The Art of Feeling can also be summarized as the Art of Allowing.  In simpler words, being consciously aware of the way you feel so that you choose the direction of your thoughts. Are you feeling your way intentionally or just letting it happen?

“ I am that which I am, and I am pleased with it, joyful in it.”  

It comes down to making a clear conscious choice in how you want to see things.  Feeling your way through with all your emotions in take and doing it your way!

Keep smiling



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2 thoughts on “Feeling Through Life’s Choices With Stride

  • Hi Sandy,

    Love that you are doing this work. Knowing you as I do, this is such a wonderful way for you to support people ina meaningful way! I am currently trying to support my mom who is a care giver for my father who has Alzheimer’s disease. The hardest thing for her is to find time for hers self. For me it’s being far away and not able to help her and my dad and brother. Not to mention during a pandemic!

    In Sigma, Lisa Fraley McRoberts

    • Thanks, it has been a healthing moment for me as well. Give your mom all the support you can I know she appreciates it.

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