Communication In Regards to Integrity

Communication In Regards to Integrity

Communication in regards to integrity is what communication is all about! In other words, Integrity uses body language and tone to make the communication real.

What is Integrity?  It is the flow of energy between being whole and complete.  Stopping the flow is like plugging up a hose so water can’t flow, or cutting yourself off from the world where no one can find you.

Communication in Regards to Energy

Having full integrity energy is being keenly aware of others around you.  Some say it is an issue of right or wrong, good or bad.  Or an issue about did or didn’t vs is or is not.   

The communication in regards to integrity is a certain way energy flows and how it is perceived.  For instance, when we say we are fine when asked and they can tell by our look or expression that we obviously are not.

What is a sign of is or is not.   We are saying one thing but really mean another. In other words,  do we do this just so we don’t have to explain it or even face it?.

Many energy forces come from how we feel or act towards a certain thing.  Hence, when we speak of it, the feelings will come through and will help us release that plugged up spot.  

The awareness gets clogged or blocked if the question isn’t focused on.  Let’s try and be more aware of our surroundings and how others look and energy will start flowing again.

Integrity Lies We Tell Ourselves

The lies we tell comes from being out of touch with ourselves.  Not being conscious with what we are saying or doing.  We are flying high on enthusiasm or pumped up from other things around us that we forget to listen!   For instance, convincing yourself of something completely different than what is going on.

Here are some examples that might help you understand.  We want what we want, but sometimes aren’t clear about it.  or , we presume more than we ask.  Do you speak before you listen.  Hence, think about it before you answer.  

Communicate our Integrity

With being whole and complete with our integrity in tack, These are the things we need to beware of.  How the communication is coming across and how complete our communication is, so the little things don’t pull us down.

Focus on the communication in regards to integrity and most of your troubles will seem lighter.  Think about these when you communicate.  Project your confidence in what you want the others to know.  Give and receive feedback to really have a great conversation and think about what is being said.

With all of this the communication in regards to integrity will help you be understood and give out a clear picture of what you want to happen in return.

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