Coming Through The Storm Of Life

Coming Through The Storm Of Life


You seem to be coming through the storm of life.  As life has a way of changing us and our surroundings, it can also lead us to new things.    


When you are experiencing life changes, like death, weddings, birthdays only to have them postponed, or interrupted, it would seem like everything is falling apart.  Hence this is when you hold tight and buckle down for the storm.


They can be cancelled all together in some instances.  You seem to miss out on the rhythm or get disappointed when things aren’t happening.  Yet, when these things all happen at once, it can be overbearing just like coming through a storm.  


Some questions you may ponder:


>>>How can you survive, 

>>>are these just temporary or will life as you know it be gone.   

>>>Will we emerge from this time to be healthy and strong?   

>>>We can only wonder.  


Lessons from Life


Maybe we will have learned to work better.  For instance, when you are cleaning up have you found something you have lost or forgotten about?


Maybe we will have done things we have meant to do, but haven’t yet. Did you learn a new way to cope and communicate?  Or made yourself rest and picked up the pieces that were left, only to find new meaning.


Outcomes emerge when coming through the storm


We have come to distance ourselves?  Coming through the storm should make you realize that you need others to build you up and help your emotional side.   This too can be damaged when a storm hits.   


What separates those who are defeated by life from those who rule in life is the knowledge that battles and conflicts are inevitable. We all face coming through the storm of life, however life keeps going on how we choose to do with the pieces that are left.


Keep Smiling



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