Qualities of Knowing Inner Strength

Qualities of Knowing Inner Strength

What are the qualities of knowing inner strength and where does it come from?  In other words, how do you start to build it!

When people think of strength they usually think of the physical aspect of it.  How strong are you? Can you lift heavy objects or are you in great shape. But strength can me many qualities that we have as a person.

Building Your Inner Strength

Today we are going to talk about strength in your inner core.  The part that holds you together and keeps you going on a daily basis.  Let’s go through a few things to get us moving.

*** We need to ask ourselves “Why?”   What is our main purpose for moving and getting things done.  The meaning of life is to find your gift. What can you give others while you are here. Giving is one sign of inner strength.

*** Train your mental and emotional body for what you need.   Your body moves from what your mind tells it to do. A positive mindset and an even pace will get you through even the roughest times.  The strength to put one foot in front of the other.

***Decide, commit and then act.  All this indecision will sap your energy and promote failure when you go to act.  

*** Embrace what scares you.  When the fear factor controls your actions; is when opportunities slip through your fingers.  Inner strength comes from doing what you thought you couldn’t do.  

*** De-clutter your mind and become one with yourself.   Sit still for 10 minutes and clear your thoughts, so you can actually think and process who you are and what it is that needs to be done.

*** Make a choice.  All things can be done when you make a choice to do it.

Choosing Your Inner Strength

I have found four steps to choosing where it is that you want to go and it helps build inner strength and knowledge.  However, if you haven’t chosen to do the things above then you need to start again.

First:  Choose a fact that shows you your passion.  View the options that are more suited for you and your surroundings.

Second:  Question yourself on how you want to do it.  Be curious and creative to look for changes.

Third:  This is your Ah-Ha moment.  The meaning of it all comes to life.

Fourth:  Action. Finding what needs to be done and making it happen.

Inner Strength VS Inner Power

Inner strength is the ability to be courageous.  It is something you have always been looking for to have on a daily basis to face another moment in time.


Inner power is a state of mind.  The guiding force that helps you live healthier, happier and more successful.  Inner power gives you permission to dream big. Only you can truly dream what you are dreaming for.   

Both your inner strength and physical strength work together and cannot be separated.  They work in synergy and feed each other and form you as a strong individual. Knowing what is inside of you and using it to the best of your ability will give you the qualities of knowing inner strength.


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