A Volunteer Adds A Smile When You Give

A Volunteer Adds A Smile When You Give

A volunteer adds a smile when you give to both to you and others that you are helping.  Are you needing to find ways to give a little something back.  In other words, try volunteering.

The responsibility to help others and volunteering is the responsibility to make the world a better place.   We all are different and can do different things. However, if you are not good at one thing then try something else.  

You may not realize that we all benefit from charitable giving for they are all around us.   Look for the volunteers at the local schools, Churches, youth centers and even hospitals. Just give it a little thought and I imagine you can see it.  Hence,  it is your turn to give.

I know your time is busy and you couldn’t even think about putting more into it, but if you feel you are missing something or that you are unhappy and need a pick-me-up. Therefore, here are a few ideas for you and they can be as simple or as hard as you make them. 

Ways to volunteer 

It has been proven in studies that happier people give more and giving makes people happier.  Cash may be good, but volunteering your time and effort is grateful and gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Just saying, you get more hugs and thank you when you are in person.

How to help as a Volunteer

Offer to help family

Ask what is needed or see what needs to be done and offer help

Be an advocate and a voice when they need one

Step up to the plate.   (some might say “Suck it up buttercup!”)

Volunteer at your local school

Work in a classroom or office.

They need help at sporting events, etc.

Organize a yard sale for a charity

Summertime brings a lot of cleaning and by doing a large one it helps the whole community

Seek Out and See if Volunteers Needed

Visit a senior center

They are always looking for those who can start conversations and just help the atmosphere have a few more laughs.


Coach a Local Youth team

Do you have skills in sports?  Teams are looking for coaches and little ones are fun to watch when they learn baseball or soccer.


If you are good at math or English, others need you. When you have hands on experience and get away from the technology, learning becomes fun and exciting.

Life skills, such as cooking, sewing, and home repairs, are in demand for all ages and a need to know.

Fix and Serve meals

Can you cook or know of places that serve meals to those who can’t?  Then this is a great place for you.

Give More When Volunteering

Serve on a Foundation or Community Board

When you love your neighborhood or community you also want it to grow or stay strong.  Now is your time to give back and join in keeping it that way.

Be a local tour guide.

How well do you know your local library or visitor’s center?   Your time to share is now. Help others see what you see and this kind of training is great for you as well.

Be a Good Neighbor

Be a driver for those that are stuck

Learn to be an advocate

Just be a good friend and visit to make sure they are OK

A Smile From A Volunteer

Volunteering gives you a break from your day to day grind and give you that sense of accomplishment.   It not only serves your well being, but is a great service for others.

There are many around us that need some kind of help.  When others have no one to help, you can be amazed at what you can do just by having them around you.  Stepping up and finding your own self-image will help others see a new light at the end of the tunnel.

We are our biggest enemies and we fight amongst ourselves more than anyone else.  Stop the feeling of being stressed, tired and running out of time by sharing it with others and volunteer. Learning about what life is all about is an ongoing thing.  

Keep smiling



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