Ways To Shift Mentality To Improve Cash flow

Ways to shift mentality to improve cash flow can be a little tricky, but I want you to think about a few things I am sharing here.


Growing up most of us weren’t taught that being an entrepreneur is a choice.  Well it wasn’t for me anyway.  Times might be a little different now, but still you hear it.   “Get good grades, go to college and get a good education”.  Right?


I am here to tell you that I have almost learned more in my journey as an Entrepreneur than I did in college.


Listen in as I ask you to think about a few things.


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What is your main goal in having a job?   To make money?  And when you do, don’t you still have to budget and other things like businesses do?   The only difference is …  is that you are the owner and not the employee.


Let’s shift our mentality to our cash flow

If we want to increase our cash flow where do we need to be?   The owner?   Yes, because that is where the money is flowing.   90 percent of the wealth in this world comes from the owners of businesses.


Your mindset is what determines what side of the coin you are on.   Look at where you are, look at the people you hang around with, look at what makes you happy.  That is where we start to increase our mentality.


Things that can give you the shift in your mentality

Get a mentor:  someone who is doing what you want to do and that is willing to help

Like to learn:   Always be learning and growing toward something new

Have multiple sources of income

Read alot


Take care of yourself by eating and exercising.


If you want to shift your mindset and improve your cash flow, but need a little more help, this is what I use and I will be there right along side.


find something you didn't know you lost



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